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Wedding Planning
Ceremonies, Customs and Vows
Cake Toppers
Hair Braiding
Wedding Dresses
Costume Information and Ideas
Sewing Patterns, Supplies and Instructions

Wedding Planning

35 Ways to Save on Weddings for Brides-to-Be

Traditional Irish Wedding

Renaissance Weddings

The Medieval and Renaissance Theme Wedding FAQ
Ceremonies, Traditions, Invitations and Announcements, Attire, Flowers, Bouquets and Headpieces. This FAQ is distributed by the SCRIBE Network.

Wedding Ideas: Renaissance Themed Weddings
Theme Weddings: Ideas for Food / Music / Wedding Locations / Period Clothing and Accessories

Irish Wedding Ideas

The soc.culture.scottish FAQ

Traditional Scottish Weddings

Wedding Ideas for those of Celtic Origins
Practical advice on dress, traditions and music for your wedding day

How to Plan a Renaissance Wedding

Having a Medieval/Renaissance Wedding
And updating it for modern times.

Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Page
This site has a great deal of information, is well organized and easy to navigate. A great starting place for your wedding planning research.

Celtic Wedding Resource Site

Lady Rhonda's Medieval Wedding Guide

Click Bridal (link partner)
Online Wedding Web Directory

North East Weddings (England)
If you are planning a wedding in the North East or North Yorkshire then we have the wedding venues and suppliers to make your day perfect.

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Ceremonies, Customs and Vows
Marriage during the Middle Ages

Christian Medieval Ceremony Wedding Vows

Marijah's Renaissance and Medieval Wedding page
Everything you need to plan a theme wedding or research wedding customs.
Offers an overview of each element of a Renaissance wedding ceremony and betrothal.

The Form of Matrimony in the European Middle Ages

Information about handfasting and Medieval and Rennaisance weddings

Medieval, Celtic & Norse - Christian & Pagan - Ceremonies, Vows, Hand Fasting
Cultural rules and practices of marriage, romance, love.

Write Your Own Vows

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Botanical Paper Works
Wedding invitations, handmade papers, do-it-yourself invitation supplies, gifts and papermaking supplies.

Photo Wedding Invitations
Photo Wedding Invitations at Invitationsbyregal, offers exclusive packages for wedding which includes photo wedding invitations, custom Wedding Cards specialist, wedding accessories, matching stationery and gift carry bags etc.

Info about Addressing Etiquette

Love poems and love quotes
An extensive library of free poetry and verses on the subject of love.

Wedding Etiquette - Text Samples

How to make wedding invitations with wax seals

Alternative to traditional sealing wax, faux wax sticks

Use a fancy metal button to make your own seal
craft instructions

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Cake Toppers

Sculptured Glass Wedding Cake Tops

Kilted Wedding Cake Toppers

Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

Unique wedding cake toppers
Low prices on wedding party favors and wedding cake toppers are one way that we commit to you.

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Lola Blooms
Fresh bulk wedding flowers from Lola Blooms for the DIY Bride. We have roses, calla lilies, hydrangeas, rose petals and more.

The Legend of White Heather

Flowers for a Period Wedding

The Symbology of Flowers

The Meaning Behind Wedding Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers

The Meaning of Flowers

Flower Meanings

Flower Meanings

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Hair Braiding

Upbraid Yourself and Others: The Basics of Braiding
A Workshop & Notes on Medieval Braiding Techniques

Dreamweaver Braiding
Here there be braids... hair braiding instructions

Hairline Braids
Dutch, Elizabethan & Braided Face Frame

Italian Renaissance Hair Taping
This is a style of wearing the hair bound to the head with ribbon or “tape". Worn mid-1300s through around 1600.

Instructions for A Few Medieval Braids

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Wedding Dresses

The Origins of the Wedding Costume
Article from renaissance Magazine Vol. 6 #1,Issue #21

Fairy Fashion Wedding Gowns
Some of the most beautiful dresses we've seen!

Lindsay Fleming
Two of Scotland's most creative bridal gown designers

Wedding Dresses
Online boutique and directory for bridal shops in southwest England.

Castle SkyeFyre
Circlets,Crowns,Tiaras, Headchains & Headresses

Saphire & Sage
Hand-created Medieval & Renaissance Jewelry and Accessories.

Katrina Marie

Custom wedding attire, headpieces, fancies, Celtic jewelry, goblets & more.

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Costume Information and Ideas

The Study of Costume/Costume History

Online Costuming Sources for Historical, Science Fiction & Fantasy Costumers

Elizabethan costume page

How to Dress for a Medieval or Renaissance Wedding

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Sewing Patterns, Supplies and Instructions

Costume Construction Tips
Everything you ever wanted to know about costume construction and wish someone had told you ten years ago.

An extensive line of products that will appeal not only to the theatrical costumer but the professional dressmaker and creative home-sewer as well.

Period Sewing Technique

Calontir Trim
Calontir Trim stocks a wide variety of fabric trims, from simple cotton weaves, to elaborate byzantine borders.
Renaissance Ribbons

Sewing Central
Medieval and Renaissance patterns for those that like to sew.

Denver Fabrics
Silk, linen, wool and velvet plus braided trims, aglets, corset lacing, boning and more.

Dawn's Costume guide
Free patterns and instructions for a variety of costumes and accessories.

How to Make a Renaissance Hat
Sewing patterns, instructions etc.

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Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Feasts

Historical Recipes

Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages

Non-Alcoholic Beverages of the Middle Ages

Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage

COLLECTION: Medieval and Anglo Saxon Recipes

COLLECTION: Medieval European Recipes

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42nd Street Photo
42nd Street Photo is located in the heart of New York City and has some of the best prices on digital cameras and accessories.

Wedding Photography
Krisitan Gehradte: Melbourne-based photographer.

Wedding Photographers Middlesbrough
Wedding photography in northeast England. Also has a list of links to a variety of wedding service providers from aroudn the world.

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Joseph Of Locksley's Handy Guide To Cavalier Hand-Kissing

Medieval Wedding Favors and Decorations
Have a Friend or Family Member Conduct Your Wedding Ceremony. The person you choose to officiate can be legally ordained, quickly and easily.

Shakespearean Insult Kit
Rules of Chivalry, Rules of Chivalrous Love & more.

Cheap Wedding Favors
Unique wedding favor ideas at I Do! Wedding Favors. Featuring fun and trendy bridal shower favors, inexpensive wedding party favors and elegant wedding favor gifts.

Party Ideas
Party Supplies now send Party Supplies and Party Decorations Australia wide. Exciting products added daily.

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